The Perfect Casing For Karen

I found it!

Oh before I begin, this is Karen. Say hello.

Back to my story, after months and months of searching high and low, I've finally found the perfect iPhone 3G protective case! The previous protective case was broken at the bottom portion but still held on to Karen rather well so I stuck to it for a month or two.
I’ve seen some nice covers in Low Yat and but was actually looking for a simple transparent cover. The ones there were kinda fancy. Spotted a nice collection at Subang Square but the one time I dropped by after deciding to get it, the shop was closed. Since it's so out of the way from where I stay, I have not had the chance to revisit it.
Then yesterday after I broke fast at a mamak (alone :( ) in Brickfields near the office, I saw a line of iPhone 3G covers in the glass display of the shop next to the mamak I ate at. They didn’t have a transparent one but who cares cause I finally found the most awesome iPhone 3G protective cover, EVER
Best of all, I only had to fork out RM15! The vendors at Low Yat must be crazy to think I’ll give em’ RM100 for a piece of plastic! :D
I was a happy boy walking back to the office cause it feels so good in my hands and looks gorgeous too with the black accent of the iPhone 3G finally visible. The Blackberry Bold is now totally off my mind. LOL.
Got a cooler iPhone cover? :p


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