Random-est Trip Ever

So my bro, cousin and I headed for my aunt's house in Rawang for a little Hari Raya gathering and took the 118 Exit to Bukit Beruntung. Therein we noticed the signboard "Genting Highlands" pointing towards the same exit as well.

Genting was nowhere near our plans but when we saw that signboard we (I, a least) immediately thought, "Why not?".

Truth be told, I wasn't sure at all how this route was gonna take us to Genting. Turns out it was the "jalan dalam" to highlands. Not the MRR2 route that many of use have been accustomed to.

I enjoyed the view of the countryside (while the passengers snoozed) past Serendah, Sg. Buaya etc and also the constant throb in my head and heart, wondering if we were on the right track (signboards there on, not very helpful. They all pointed to Ipoh. lol).

Random is the word of the day. No plans made whatsover to visit Pahang. As such we suffered from the cold because no one of us brught a jacket and I was in flip flops. Brilliant.

Thought of driving all the way up there but my brother suggested us to take cable car instead. Panned out to be a great idea. The view from the gondola was magnificent.

Here are some shots taken from my Raya 09 in Genting.



Big Pictures, Little Cars

I like taking macro shots. But it gets kinda tough at times depending on several factors, ESPECIALLY lighting. Getting too close to the subject results in a cast shadow over it. Doh!


Living in a house with a toddler, naturally, we have toy cars lying around the house everywhere (and I mean, EVERYWHERE).

Rounded up a few of them and took some macro shots.



Buka Puasa at Subway, KL Sentral

I was at the KL Sentral car park and just about to meet my girlfriend in Tropicana City Mall for buka puasa at Sushi Tei. Then as I got into my car and turned the ignition, it didn't budge!

My engine battery was dead.

Was  a little frustrated because I was already thinking about the salmon don waiting for me at Sushi Tei. But it wasn't all doom and gloom as I got to have the majesctic turkey ham sandwich at KL Sentral (all other joints were full) !!

I have mine with extra lettuce, extra olives and no onions. Bread? Parmesan oregano of course. Don't forget extra mayo and extra cheese!!

Raya Shopping Done!

Yes, my Raya shopping is done! So what did I get during the so called "shopping spree"? *drum roll*.
A pair of jeans.

Yes, I am typical guy. Even worse maybe. I don't shop for clothes all that often. In fact, these pair of jeans came into the picture only because my previous jeans are no longer useable. LOL.
Got these pair from the newly launched shop in Pavillion, Cotton On. It's Australian if I'm not mistaken.

The plastic bag. (didn't bring a re-usable bag :( )
Up close.
Really comfy and didn't burn a hole in my wallet either. I like. :D

The Perfect Casing For Karen

I found it!

Oh before I begin, this is Karen. Say hello.

Back to my story, after months and months of searching high and low, I've finally found the perfect iPhone 3G protective case! The previous protective case was broken at the bottom portion but still held on to Karen rather well so I stuck to it for a month or two.
I’ve seen some nice covers in Low Yat and but was actually looking for a simple transparent cover. The ones there were kinda fancy. Spotted a nice collection at Subang Square but the one time I dropped by after deciding to get it, the shop was closed. Since it's so out of the way from where I stay, I have not had the chance to revisit it.
Then yesterday after I broke fast at a mamak (alone :( ) in Brickfields near the office, I saw a line of iPhone 3G covers in the glass display of the shop next to the mamak I ate at. They didn’t have a transparent one but who cares cause I finally found the most awesome iPhone 3G protective cover, EVER
Best of all, I only had to fork out RM15! The vendors at Low Yat must be crazy to think I’ll give em’ RM100 for a piece of plastic! :D
I was a happy boy walking back to the office cause it feels so good in my hands and looks gorgeous too with the black accent of the iPhone 3G finally visible. The Blackberry Bold is now totally off my mind. LOL.
Got a cooler iPhone cover? :p

Delicious @ Bangsar Village 2

The chicken sandwich my girlfriend had at Delicious, Bangsar Village II a few weeks ago before Ramadhan.

I had a bite of the sandwich (actually I had to help finish it :p). Tasted great The chicken had a sort of healthy taste to it, if you know what I mean. 
Food here isn't that cheap but considering how fantastic it tastes, its pricing is, I would say, justified. Sekali-sekala can lah.. :D 

I had the macaroni and cheese, what I would usually have if I were at Delicious. Hmm. Cheese…

3 Plus 4 ?

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